This is a katazome piece I produced last weekend during my workshop at Megalo. It was inspired by the work of Serizawa Keisuke, where he portrays single Chinese characters. See the following as an example, where he has portrayed the Chinese characters for each of the seasons, 春Spring, 夏Summer,冬Winter&秋Autumn.

All from 1954, katazome dyed ‘tsumugi’ silk.

He has also cleverly embellished each one with flowers, birds or animals that are associated with those seasons. I also really love the colours he’s used.

For my version, I chose to use a simple hiragana character insetad, め “me” which is just the alphabetic symbol for the sound ‘me’. I chose this to represent my name and added my own little embellishment in the way of a superb fairy wren.

めの字 2010 Katazome dyed linen.

Detail of my superb wren.

 More pictures to follow of the workshop…