This week at Kyoto Seika I’ve been cutting and pasting.
To be more precise, I’ve been cutting stencils and resist pasting them onto cotton and silk fabrics!

I came up with 3 designs to use for trial artworks.

The first one I am using to dye some noren (narrow width split curtain) for the entrance to my bedroom. The design is based on katazome works by Serizawa Keisuke (one of my katazome heroes) where he takes a singular Kanji (chinese character) and surrounds it with design elements. For example:

Serizawa Keisuke,  「夏の字」 Kanji for Summer. Katazome on tsumugi silk. 1954
Serizawa Keisuke, 「飛の字」Kanji for “Fly”. Katazome on linen. circa 1961

I chose to use the Kanji which is used to represent Australia, 豪 which reads as “Go” (you can maybe translate it as ‘splendid’ or ‘grand’).

And printed with resist paste onto linen.

Here it is in it’s stencil format…

Here are some images of my other two designs in progress…
Crimson Rosella

Getting ready to print the King Parrot design

Close-up of King Parrot’s face after I had added some extra details…
The next step will be to apply a soybean mixture that helps stop the dyes bleeding and then I can start dyeing!