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ミニ合評の風景です。My works up on display for my “mini Assesment” on Monday.

糸目糊(友禅染)で和紙を染めて、団扇に作りました。I dyed some washi (Japanese paper) using hand-drawn line resist (yuzen) and turned them into these summer fans.

これは型染めで染めた和紙で作った団扇。今回、古い団扇の紙を外して、新しく張りました。I dyed these fans using katazome on washi  and stuck the paper onto two old fans frames which I had dissected.


I’ve decided I will try posting in Japanese and English from now on, so apologies that these become a bit longer and possibly hard to read! I had my assesment for the end of 1st semester on Monday this week. It ended up being me with about 6 teachers but they were all very positive, to the point where I didn’t really recieve any constructive criticism to go off of, but I suppose this is a good thing!

You can see above how I had my works set up in the room, including the Major Mitchell’s piece I recently finished, as well as a selection of Japanese fans I dyed, mainly for fun. Also, I hung up the two scrolls that I got made out of two of my textiles. They cost me a few limbs but I’m really happy with how they turned out. Here are a few details.

The correct way to store the scroll in its special box. I had to take a photo so I could remeber how! 紐の巻き方を覚えるように、初めて掛ける前に写真を撮りました!

Rainbow Lorikeets piece becomes a scroll! It’s giant! Almost 2.5 metres tall… インコの作品は掛軸になりました!でっかい!2.5メートルに近い。

You can see there is a small border of gold silk in between my work and the edging silk. 作品と周りの間に金色の絹を少しだけ見える。

Red-rumped parrot piece as a scroll. The scroll-maker said he usually works with turning Calligraphic artworks into scrolls so he’s used to black and white works that match with many colours. My colourful artworks were a new challenge for him! 表具屋さんはだいたい書道を掛軸にしているので、こんな鮮やかな作品に合わせる生地を選ぶのが新しいチャレンジと言いました!

After all that, I’m off on my summer holidays! Will catch you up with the kimono design progress in a month or so.