I’m currently showing some of my work as part of an installation at Kyoto Seika University. 6 of us Research students and Phd Students hailing from England, the United States, Denmark, Germany and Australia are utilising cupboards and wall spaces here and there in the Administration building on campus.

International Postgraduate Students Exhibition. 独英米豪丁

I was allocated the 3rd floor storage cupboard beside the elevator. It’s a narrow and airless room but it’s in a location that has a lot of students and staff walk by. At first I wasn’t sure how I could use this unusual space to display my work. I decided to create a relaxing space, in the style of a tokonoma.

In a traditional Japanese home, one tatami room is reserved for entertaining guests which will have a set-in alcove on one side of the room called the tokonoma. This space is used to display artistic objects for quiet contemplation including hanging scrolls, calligraphy, decorative incense burners and flower arrangements. When observing the items in the tokonoma, you sit in seiza position; on your knees.
Here’s a picture of my own ‘Tokonoma’

My Tokonoma, open to visitors. 床の間ができた!
Peek inside to see my work and a nice place to sit. 覗き見るとこんな感じです。
Noren (split curtain) dyed on linen. I used silhouettes of eucalyptus leaves for this design. 麻で作ったのれん。デザインはユーカリの葉っぱのシルエットです。
A kind of logo I made last semester that I was able to print in the corner. It says “So-meru”

I “wallpapered” the space and built a small raised tatami platform. One of my scrolls hung on the back wall and I arranged some flowers in front too. I was able to display some of the washi paper fans I made last semester on a side wall too. As an entrance to the cupboard and to empashize the tranquility of the space I dyed a noren hanging curtain on linen for the doorway. A zabuton cushion is on the floor in front of the work so that the viewer can sit quietly and enjoy the work.

Just how I pictured the space being enjoyed. 友達が見に来た時の写真
Detail of the scroll. 掛軸
3 of the fans I made using Japanese paper. 染めた和紙で作った団扇。今回は3枚組

It was an interesting experience to make an installation for a change. I had a lot of fun putting together the look and feel of the room and am really excited to read comments left in the notebook in the room saying that people have enjoyed the feel of the space and spending time there. If you have time and happen to be in Kyoto, be sure to check out the exhibition until this Saturday.