I previously did a post showing the end result of my Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo 2 panel work. Here’s a quick reminder of the work I’m talking about. 前に、大きなオウムの作品ができたと書きました。覚えっていないなら、この作品のことです。

This one! これだ!

At that stage, the work was simply two fabric panels; not really made into anything complete yet. At my review, several of my teachers suggested getting the work made into an authentic Japanese folding screen. I knew this would be expensive but agreed that it would be a nice solution and it suits the style of the piece.

In order to submit the piece to a public submissions competitive exhibition, a friend of my professor’s was able to make the piece into a screen in a record breaking week. (normally these things take months!) I was very lucky he could do it at such short notice. It is only a basic screen (as that is all I can afford as a student) but I’m very happy with how it turned out. Have a look:

The screen opened out flat. 平面的に見ると。
But actually it would be displayed like this, with a slight angle. でも、本当はこのように展示しますね。

Soon after the screen was completed, I applied to the textiles section of the “Shinshokougeikai 67th Annual Public Submission Exhibition” (I suppose you could translate Shinshoukougeikai as New Artisan’s Craft Association). I wasn’t sure it would make the cut as it’s a bit out there and not many foreigners seem to get their work accepted (or perhaps they just don’t apply). BUT!! Last night I got a postcard in the mail to say my work has been accepted into the exhibition!! (Letting you know by postcard: how old school is that?)
This means my work will be displayed at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum this week until Sunday and then the exhibition comes to the Kyoto City Art Gallery Annex from November 7th-11th. All very exciting!


This is the website of the Shinshokougekai Association : http://www.shinsyoukougeikai.jp/ It’s in Japanese but you can click on the button to the right of the HOME button and drop down menu lets you see images and prize winners from previous exhibitions.