Every Saturday for this past semester, I have been participating in Murata Koken’s Lacquerware class at Kyoto Seika University. I got special permission from Murata-Sensei to take part and it has been a wonderful experience to try making work in a totally different medium like lacquer.

I have shown you some progress pictures before but now I can happily share the final product. Ta-da~

The final product! It’s so hard to photograph because it’s super glossy. Forgive the reflection of my ceiling.
Detail of the Rainbow Lorikeet. You can see both the silver & coloured powders. It really sparkles when the sunlight hits it.

Taken with a flash you can really see the colours. Normally though, it’s not this bright.

Like some of my other works, I again included the latin names of the Rainbow Lorikeet & Eucalyptus in the design. I wasn’t really sure what to say when my teacher remarked, “Wow, you are good at English!” umm…haha

The lacquer process was an interesting one, albeit quite stinky and using mildly dangerous substances. It’s so great to see the subject matter I’ve been depicting in textiles now depicted in a totally different medium,
Now the question is what to do with this precious thing!