It’s been a week or so since my first solo exhibition wrapped up at h2o Gallery in Kyoto. What an incredible two weeks it was! I spent most of the time at the gallery, talking with visitors, explaining my work and just generally speaking a lot of Japanese!

The entrance to Gallery h2o leads onto a long corridor. The gallery’s  trademark is to hang a different noren curtain each time they are holding an exhibition. This was the first time they’d had an artist who dyed their own noren!

View of the main gallery space. 
All the works were completed in the last 2 years whilst a Research Student
I also had washi postcards and fans out for sale. I sold the majority of them!
The Japanese-style room off to one side was perfect for this scroll piece and the Lorikeet Lacquerware platter that I’ve shown you before. 茶室の床の間に作品がぴったり入りました。掛軸のような作品と前に紹介した漆器。 
Lots of people actually showed up for the opening that was organised very last minute, yay! オープニングに沢山の友達や学生が来てくれてうれしかった!
Look who else came along! My Dad happened to be in Japan on a bicycle touring adventure of sorts and was in Kyoto just in time for the opening. It was so nice to have him there. それでこの人も!父です。ちょうど自転車の旅行で日本に来ていて、京都に居るにあわせてオープニングパーティーをしました。父さんが来れてなんて嬉しかったです。
This is a little teaser! crew from MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting) came to film me and my exhibition. More details soon!!
The experience of talking to all different kinds of people about my work was very rewarding. I took away all sorts of interesting comments and ideas and I feel like my work was very well received. I think most people grasped what I was trying to achieve which is very encouraging. It gives me the enthusiasm to regroup and start making new work all over again!