Hello from Australia!!

It’s been a very long time between posts, sorry! It’s coming up to two months since I moved back to Canberra, Australia after four years living and studying in Kyoto. I’ve been a bit all over the place, getting settled and gathering my books and supplies back together which have been arriving in boxes one by one via Sea mail. I’ve been ever-so-slowly getting back in touch with galleries and the art-scene in Canberra. It’s a little overwhelming to be spat back into the “real world” again but step-by-step I’m working on finding my place in it.

前に書いた時から結構時間が通ってしまいました! すみません!なぜかとういと、4月末、京都で染織を勉強する4年間がようよく終わって、帰国したのです。帰って来てから、荷物も頭もごっちゃごっちゃでしたが、色々がやっと落ち着いてきました。京都から船便で送った染色用の刷毛や生地などが一個一個ちゃんと届いて、最低限のものは揃っています。


Group-show I took part in at M16 Last winter. This time, I’ll have one of the gallery spaces all to myself! 去年M16でグループ展に参加したんですが、今回は個展です!DMができたらまたおしらせします!

I have a solo exhibition coming up in Canberra in August (6th-23rd at M16 Artspace). It’s one of those things that my “other self” organised on my behalf. You know when one part of you is being super practical and objective and says “Yeah! You know what would be awesome for you? Go and sign yourself up for a solo show! Or even an artist’s talk! Yeh!!” and the other half of you nods along and goes and does just that. Then when the deadline is approaching, it all becomes real and your whole self wonders “Wait, what!? When did I do this to myself?” But anyway, the orgainsed half of me knew best and I’m looking forward to it, just have to start treating it like it’s real and get organised!


I am having to figure out new ways of making work, now at home Australia. Most materials and ingredients for yuzen and katazome can be sourced here. Silk is available online at comparable prices to Japan (thanks in part to our obsession with handmade white silk wedding dresses!), rice flour is an Asian Supermarket staple and alternative stencil papers can be found.
At the moment (with the help of my engineering-minded Dad. Thanks Dad!) I’m getting together parts for a stainless steel fabric steamer. It will be a rocket style steamer so I can roll my fabric in newspaper or non-woven fabric and steam-set for an hour before washing out resist paste. Exciting!


I’d like to make some small new works for my exhibition in August. I’m thinking about using some natural dyes and making small layered works with organza. Hmm, ideas! I’ll post photos as the process gets underway.

Samples from immersion dyeing with Eucalypts. I’d love to get this kind of colour for yuzen brush dyeing too! 浸染でとれたユーカリの深いオレンジ色。友禅での色差しや引き染にも使えたらなあと思うんですが、まだ実験中です。


For now, I’d like to leave you with some photographs I took around our suburb in Weston Creek, Canberra. People in Japan sometimes expressed disbelief that some of the plants and birds featured in my work really were just commmon species and found around my hometown. I assured them proudly that yes they were. Now, I have photographic proof! Even I was a little surprised to see them around the ‘burbs. Thanks a lot reverse culture shock! Haha anyway, look forward to seeing lots more posts here soon.


Callistemon in my Yuzen Kimono 2013 友禅染振袖にあるブラシの木の花
本物。The real one

Eucalyptus cinerea in “Bluegums” 2014

Red flowers on Eucalyptus Trees ユーカリの紅色の花
detail of Swift Parrots from my Master’s Graduation Work 2015 卒業作品にも染めた。
Gumtrees, gumtrees, gumtrees everywhere!! どこでもユーカリの木です!!
Sketch of flowering Gumtree 卒作に向けてやったユーカリのスケッチ