I think I am finally allowed to share some exciting news…

My artworks will be part of the projections on some of our National Institutions as part of the 6th Enlighten Festival in Canberra next March!
Over the 9 nights of the festival, many light-themed events bring Canberrans out to enjoy the crisp Autumn weather. The projections are a popular backdrop for live music, performances, roving performers, lit up art installations and the popular lantern-lit noodle markets.
See the promotional video below ↓

Enlighten 2014, The National Portrait Gallery



キャンベラ市は計画都市なので、ビジネス街は一応都心部になっていますが、その南に大きな湖があって、その周りに全部の国立のビルが建てられました。(国立美術館、国立図書館、元の国会議事堂、現在の国会議事堂、国立高等裁判所, 国立なんとか、国立なんでも...)その辺の方が文化の中心地となっています。

Enlighten 2014 – Projections on the National Library of Australia

For next years’ Enlighten, many national buildings will be lit up with the projections. Each building will have the work of several artists projected upon their exterior walls in a loop. I’m lucky enough to be developing imagery for three buildings: Old Parliament House (now known by the more fancy name of “The Museum of Australian Democracy”), Questcon (The National Science and Technology Centre) and the National Portrait Gallery.
Other main buildings included in the projections are the National Library and the National Gallery.



It’s exciting and intimidating to think that my humble little artworks will be projected in gigantic form on the side of some of our iconic National buildings!! Especially Old Parliament House! It’s such a classic building, built to house the first National Parliament of the new Federation of Australia from 1927. With all it’s architraves, decorative railings and flat roof style (can you tell I know nothing about architecture?!) it is a beautiful artwork in itself.

I’m currently working on refining my planned artworks for the three buildings and hope to share some details with you as that progresses.