Last weekend I was lucky enough to be asked to run a short workshop in Katazome dyeing at Megalo. We had a small class of 5 lovely students and despite my fears of running out of time, everyone managed to produce work over the weekend. (yay!)
We started by having a bit of a cooking session on Thursday evening, to make our resist paste.


 Mashing the paste as it came out of the steamer, mixing mixing mixing and Ta-da! perfect paste.
Next step was for everyone to complete their designs and cut a stencil.

 And then we could get messy and print onto our fabric with the resist paste!
Everybody hard at work
Jane’s motif printed onto her teatowel
Ele’s teatowel half printed, the big reveal as she lifts of her stencil
Jane 2’s two tea towel’s printed. One negative and one positive image
Tanya printing her stencil
…and touching up small “bridges” in her stencil with resist paste
Everyone’s printed fabric ready to dry overnight. Emma’s grid in foreground.

See part two: Sunday was spent dyeing the pasted fabric, applying fixative and then rinsing to reveal the fianl artwork!