I’ve temporarily put aside the adorable Gang-gang cockatoos to produce a new (larger, eep!) work depicting Rainbow Lorikeets.

I did a lot of sketching and playing around with the design before starting this piece. Somehow, I always feel like I lose a lot of detail and authenticity when making the transition from sketches to full size work, so I am trying to remedy that this time. Unfortunately, I dont have a picture of the design, as its too big to take a good picture of… But here are some “in-progress” shots.

Watercolour on sketches

trying to get gestural poses. Rainbow lorikeet aren’t exactly shy parrots so it’s not hard to get them mid movement

My fabric hanging up, midway through applying resist paste.

to give you an idea of the scale

applying the resist paste with a cone. Gah! its time consuming…but fun somehow
section of the design. Birds in flight!

Will fill you in with more photos as it goes along. Lots and lots of ideas for new pieces in my head at the moment. I have the fabric and the tools to do it, it’s just a matter of getting the designs out of my head and onto paper (and then fabric!). Very exciting.