I was recently invited to be a guest on the new Kyoto PechaKucha Podcast. They are interviewing former speakers and getting a bit more in depth than a PechaKucha presentation allows. If you haven’t heard of PechaKucha before it’s a 6 min 40 second presentation format where you have 20 slides and only 20 seconds to speak about each one. It’s a chance for people to share their passion or their work in an interesting way.

I gave my PechaKucha presentation in January 2013 (see more and even listen to it here) about my Textiles and research and it was a nerve-racking but ultimately, cool experience.

This time, I was chatting with Eric and Ash from the Kyoto PechaKucha Night team about Textiles in Kyoto, birds in Canberra, and what goes into making a kimono. Camembert also gets a mention, what’s not to love! 
Check it out here 

or follow this link: PechaKucha Night Podcast 2 Melinda Heal