Today, on the other side of the world in Glasgow, “Iwakura” is having it’s opening night. This is a group exhibition, consisting of former 2008 Kyoto Seika Exchange Students, including me! We are from many corners of this big blue globe, including Scotland, the UK, Denmark, the USA, France and of course, Australia! We crossed paths in Kyoto as Art Students and now we are each following our own paths, as continuing students, as artists, as members of society.

“Iwakura” brings together new works inspired by our time in Kyoto, as well as works completed during exchange in 2008. It’s exciting to have been invited to be an international part of this re-connecting, and able to show work overseas! “Iwakura” as a location (its where I write from now, actually!) was a place of discovery for us while we were all here on exchange and now it is a common memory and experience for us.

“Iwakura” is on show at the Briggait in Glasgow until the 27th.

See these links for more information on the Artists participating and our background.

In other news, I have cut a small stencil to try and print next week before school closes for the start of the “Spring Vacation” (HA! feels an awful lot like WINTER to me….anyway)
It’s been a while since I cut any stencils and it was such a nice feeling. The design is of a Red-rumped Parrot; found around the grassy ovals of suburban Canberra with this brilliant turqoise body (males only, of course).

my new stencil. You can see there are a lot of ‘bridges’ in the stencil holding it all together but they aren’t a part of the design once it’s printed and dyed.

Brilliant picture of male Red-Rumped Parrot by ozoutback1 on Flickr

I’m planning to print it on silk and toying with the idea of having it made into a real Japanese style hanging scroll. Sounds like that may be an expensive exercise though, so will wait and see.

A week and a half of frantic printing and dyeing to go and I’m on holidays again!