It’s been finished for a while now but I am finally putting up some photos of my Rainbow Lorikeet panel. Its the largest piece I’ve made so far and the fact that I could barely fit it on the floor of my apartment to photograph it attests to that! (though it is a small apartment!)

Trichoglossus Haematodus Molucannus & Banksia Integrifolia. 2011. Approx 65cm by 190cm. line-drawn resist on silk.

 I’ve recently been naming pieces with the proper scientific names of the species. This is partly because they sound pretty (there are some beautiful ones once you start looking) but also because I want to be truthful in my depictions of Australian flora and fauna.

detail of flying lorikeet. The under-wing is so colourful in these birds.
detail of banksia seed-pod and flower.
the scientific names as written in resist at the bottom of the work. My Japanese professor is well versed in English so couldn’t understand why she didn’t know what this meant until I explained it.

I’m pretty happy with how this piece turned out. It’s the first time I had done a piece solely using the hand-drawn resist paste technique (similar to yuzen dyeing). I wish I could have made the final purple background more variegated instead of one flat colour but I’m still not very good at gradient dyeing techniques (bokashi, in Japanese). Something to work on for next time!